Judy parrish

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Dr. Judy Parrish is a Professor Emerita in the Department of Geological Sciences at the University of Idaho, and still active in research. She received her full college education at the University of California, Santa Cruz, earning a B.S in Biology, M.A. in Biology, M.S in Earth Science, and Ph.D. in Earth Science.

Her primary interest is the environment of pre-Quaternary Earth, focusing on prehistoric patterns of ocean upwelling and their influence on sedimentary rocks and fossils, climate on the supercontinent Pangaea, and high-latitude climates in the Cretaceous Period, studying fossils as indicators of climate. She has been involved in studies at locations including Argentina, Alaska, and the western United States. Her research on Earth’s climate history, which began with creating models and large-scale data analysis, then shifted to field studies on issues raised in the modeling process, has led her to study the language used in media portrayals and public discourse on modern-day climate change. From 2008-2009, she was President of the Geological Society of America.